Health Monitoring System (HMS) has created new health and wellness dimensions with a holistic approach to life. Modern medicine, being the most prevalent and widely practiced is restricted only to primary, secondary and tertiary preventions only. However, HMS aims to treat symptoms before they could even surface and hence prevent illness.

For an illness to develop the first thing which occurs is a change in cell energy levels. If this change is ignored, a change in bio-chemicals occur, if this too is ignored the blood test would show an abnormality and if this is also ignored, structural changes occur and the person falls ill.

Dysfunction of any bodily organ does not manifest itself in a symptomatic state. So to pick up the signals at this stage (i.e. when only bio-chemical changes take place in a cell) is very difficult. Till date medical fraternity believed that only heart and brain does have electric potential and conductivity. But now it has become clear that even other organs have conductible charge within them. This flow of charge is called electrical energy or bio-energy.

It acts as an "early warning system" that helps you diagnose the illness at the primodial stage so that proper precautions can be taken well in time which means you don't reach the sickness stage. With this USP of diagnosing the illness at an early stage, Achievers Zone has ventured into the wellness segment with a proper understanding of holistic healing which is treating the illness inside out rather than treating it outside in.